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What I Believe… (…so far…)

I believe if we raise a conscious generation of youth, our world will be a better place for my children and their families.

I believe in the power of mindfulness and meditation to transform our inner and outer worlds.

I believe compassion should be taught to every child and in every school across the globe.

I believe my children and I were chosen specially for one another to guide each of our spiritual unfolding.

I believe it’s my work as a parent to become present enough to offer my children the space to grow into who they are truly meant to become.

I believe Byron Katie has it right when she claims there are no new stressful thoughts, they are all recycled. When we believe our stressful thoughts we suffer and when we challenge them we can hope to find peace.

I believe that our lives are already filled with abundance. Through stillness, inquiry and gratitude we can settle into this way of relating to the world.

I believe in the importance of self exploration in living a spiritual life… it’s a lifetime of dedication.. and I feel incredibly thankful for my teachers, community and family who continue to support my way.