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My cell phone rang recently and I saw my poppa’s name pop up. Poppa is in his eighties and lives in the southeast of Florida, which at the time, was in the direct path of hurricane Irma. I live in California and was in the middle of a busy work day. It was strange to see him calling, because I generally check in with him. We had just spoken the day before.

It didn’t take long to hear the worry in his voice…he didn’t have to say anything specific, but I could hear it.

Worry…. there it was. His and mine….meeting through the phone line.

I had multiple calls scheduled over the next hour, I thought about calling him back. But then there is was. LOVE…. The love I felt for my worried Poppa in that moment and all the love he had given me so fully…so generously. Always.

I felt this love permeate my entire being and because of this came the PAUSE….

As I listened to him share his plans for the hurricane and what was on the local news I quickly emailed those I was scheduled to speak with and told them I would need to re-schedule. Then I just listened…affirmed…asked questions….stayed present. For close to an hour, much longer than we are usually on the phone, I paused and soaked in as much of my Poppa’s essence as I could.

It seems we are living in a constant twenty four hour news cycle which has the sole purpose of keeping us on edge…worried. But with this call from my grandfather I welcomed the worry that brought me to love… and I rested in the pause.  

Pausing is not always an option…but I’m going to try and remember to allow my worry to bring me to love…to humanity…when it really matters….as often as I can.

May you meet this moment fully…May you meet this moment with kindness towards yourself and others.

Xo Michelle