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Holding the Messes of Life with Ease and Balance

Connecting with others in friendship and community helps us recover the emotional equilibrium that supports our resilience. This interview shares an exercise from Linda Graham’s new book Resilience that deepens that connection, and helps us experience and claim our own resilience. I hope you enjoy this video!

Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty and Even Disaster  has more than 100 evidenced-based tools to strengthen our innate capacities to cope with anything, anything at all.

In Resilience Linda Graham walks us skillfully to the edges of our struggles, where resilience is patiently waiting if only we know the path. This book shows us the way, as Linda brilliantly offers practical tips and creative ideas to re-wire our brains for inner calm and wise action. This is a resource I will come back to over and over again for my personal life and work projects.

LINDA GRAHAM, MFT is an experienced psychotherapist, coach, and trainer in the recovery of resilience. She integrates practices of mindfulness, relational psychology, and modern neuroscience in her international trainings, workshops and conferences.

You can learn more about Linda at https://lindagraham-mft.net/