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The Gift of Natural Consequences

Last night as my son was leaving for basketball practice I noticed he was wearing a long sleeved shirt under his practice jersey. I let him know I thought he would be hot once he started running but he said he would be fine. When he came home he was covered in sweat and had his long sleeved shirt in his hand. My initial reaction was to mention that I had been right somehow… but with a moment of mindful awareness (and before opening my mouth) I realized that experiencing the natural consequences of his choice is more effective than anything I would tell him. In fact, I wish I wouldn’t have said anything to begin with prior to him leaving… I’ll save that finer parenting moment for next time (I’ll try my best anyway). 

Many thanks to Dr. Shefali Tsabary for her new book “Out of Control, Why Disciplining Your Child Doesn’t Work, And What Will”.

The wisdom and lessons she offers in this book supported me in the shift I had last night.