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Parent Coaching

There is no perfect time…just start where you are.

Many of us associate parent coaching with the idea of our family being “broken.” Or perhaps we think working on ourselves is only needed when we are going through a major life transition, crisis, or dilemma.

Mindfulness is a skill to practice before the proverbial @*[email protected] hits the fan, so when we find ourselves stressed and under pressure we can avoid reacting unskillfully and choose a thoughtful response. 

Mindful Parent Coaching is about creating a deeper connection to yourself and your family. It is about finding opportunities to savor the good while being willing to investigate and learn from our challenges.

My clients have a deep yearning to become
more mindful, more awake, more present. 

What is Mindful Parent Coaching?

Well… that kinda depends on you. Here are some common focus areas

  • Incorporate mindfulness into your home or family life
  • Work through parenting struggles through the lens of mindful awareness
  • Setting up a daily practice 
  • Incorporating mindfulness rituals into family or work life
  • Thriving as a working parent through mindful living 

Who is your ideal client?

My clients are committed to living in a growth mindset. Learning and growing is not optional. They have a deep yearning to become more mindful, more awake, more present.

You desire to:

  • Increase self awareness
  • Shed limiting beliefs
  • Trust the wisdom of your body
  • Step deeper into the truth of who you are
  • Have an open heart and peaceful mind

What is your coaching approach?

I am a neutral, caring, supportive, space who shows up with presence and deep listening to encourage and challenge you to connect more deeply to yourself and to your family.

I best support clients interested in mindful parenting.

We will focus our time together on what is most important at that moment while weaving in practice, exploring the mysteries of your mind, and hopefully have a little fun. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. 🙂

Ready to get started?

Excellent! I need a little information from you to set up a 20 minute conversation to get to know one another. You can tell me what it is exactly that you want to work on and we can determine if I may be the right person to support you.

Schedule a Free Coaching Consultation

If we feel we’re a fit and it will be of benefit for us to work together, I’ll send you a link to schedule our first call.

Notes of Gratitude for Michelle’s Coaching

I’m happier, healthier, and more connected.. than ever before

“I grew up in a home where yelling and anxiety was the norm and I swore I would parent differently. It was shocking to watch myself reliving some of the same patterns from my own childhood. Working with Michelle helped me get to know myself in such a way that I was able to begin shifting mind states and patterns. I’m happier, healthier, and more connected to myself and my family than I ever have been before. She told me it would be hard work, and it was, but so worth the time, effort and energy.”
–Father of Two, Chicago

An incredible listener

“I had always wanted to commit to a regular mindfulness practice, but with two kids and a full time job that desire seemed impossible until I started working with Michelle. She is an incredible listener and comes up with such creative solutions to weaving daily practice into my day.”
–Susan from New York

Patient, compassionate, and filled with so much wisdom

“Michelle is part mindfulness teacher, parenting specialist, and executive coach. This was just the combination I needed to take me from point A to point B. She was patient, compassionate, and filled with so much wisdom to share.”
–Chief Marketing Officer from San Francisco

I’m now thriving in a way I could not have imagined before

“Until I worked with Michelle, being a stay at home mom had been feeling like a prison sentence. Dealing with daily anxiety, guilt, and low energy was the norm for me. I love my family more than anything but I had completely lost touch with who I am as a human being. I’m now thriving in a way I could not have imagined before.”
–Mother of three, Arizona

Let’s keep in touch on this mindful parenting journey