Michelle has spoken for companies and organizations such as:

Michelle is available for keynotes of any length. She is able to develop her content with the values and needs of your organization or school in mind.


Michelle’s warm style combined with her passion and expertise in supporting parents in living and parenting mindfully will be sure to leave your guests uplifted.

A partial list of speaking engagements include:
Wisdom 2.0 Conference, The Gap, Google, Citrix, Brandeis School, and the Larkspur/Corte Madera School District and Intuit.

Salesforce Dreamforce Conference
Salesforce Dreamforce Conference


Suggested Speaking Topics

  • Bringing compassion & non-judgmental acceptance to parenting
  • A busy parents path to practicing mindfulness & meditation
  • Mindful listening is a parenting superpower
  • Bucking the guilt by embracing the mess
  • Stop yelling and start connecting
  • Debunking the myths of work life balance

Michelle speaking at Google – April 2018


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Are you one of the millions of parents wishing you could press the pause button more often, allowing yourself to feel more grounded and connected?

Michelle’s background working in high tech, as an elementary educator, and executive coach allows her to connect and relate with people from all walks of life. She’s studied with many of the great teachers of our time and looks forward to sharing her wisdom, insights, and humor with your audience.

Pew research uncovered that more than half of all working parents say the balancing act between work and family is difficult. Practicing mindfulness can be an antidote to the stress so many parents are experiencing.

Michelle offers workshops as well as a six week courses in mindful parenting.

Some of her course objectives include:

  • Cultivating emotional awareness & self-regulation
  • Listening with full attention
  • Identifying our triggers and how to work with them
  • Bringing compassion & nonjudgemental acceptance to parenting interactions
  • Weaving practice into your day to day life
  • Learn to not take ourselves so seriously!

The Mindfulness Advantage in Women’s Leadership

Empowering women today to lead our organizations into the future.

As a community of women we will explore cultural myths and biases about females in the workplace. Together we will create a new vision of possibility & strength with the resources needed to actualize this vision. We are stronger together.

Our focus is an internal (r)evolution. We participate in the evolution of possibility by building the internal scaffolding of leadership potential through self-awareness and inner wisdom. This isn’t about gender prioritizing, but a movement toward inclusive leadership that makes room for courage alongside compassion, competence alongside cooperation, and confidence alongside connection.

Through mindfulness practices, group exercises, somatic exploration, and writing exercises, each attendee will leave feeling more connected to themselves and the commitment needed to actualize a new paradigm of women’s leadership.

Practical tools will be woven throughout our time together that can be used immediately in the workplace and beyond.


Interested in bringing Michelle to speak
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