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I’m here to help you embrace your messy life and begin to feel more ease even through the rough spots. React Less, Connect More. Oh yes you can!

I invite you to tune in to my podcast, read my blog, and reach out if I can support you in some way. I work in schools, communities, and corporations teaching mindfulness and speaking to parents and others who will have me. I also published my first book in 2017 called “Mindful Parenting in a Messy World.

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Differently Wired: Raising an Exceptional Child in a Conventional World, with Debbie Reber

  Right now, millions of children are growing up in a world that doesn’t respect, support, or embrace who they inherently are. These are children Debbie refers to as “differently wired”—the kids with neurodifferences such as ADHD, giftedness, autism, learning disorders, and anxiety, as well as those with no formal… Read more

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Listen in to this short podcast where Michelle shares some of the basics of what meditation is and why we do it. Our regular daily practice supports our path of mindful parenting. Read more

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Listen in as Michelle explores mindfulness of thinking.   Read more


To Control Yourself… Know Yourself

July 10, 2018

One of my favorite quotes is… “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle    So many parents share with me how their biggest struggle is to keep from snapping at their kiddos. They get angry, feel resentful, and find themselves just overall frustrated….then they do or say something… Read more

Anyone else counting the days until school starts again?

June 30, 2018

I LOVE the routine of the school year. Sure…sometimes someone is home sick or some other bump in the road appears, but in general I have some semblance of certainty as to when I can get my work done. Then the weekend comes and we can PLAY! I also LOVE… Read more

Sometimes we all need a little taming of the ego…

June 15, 2018

One of the greatest gifts mindfulness has given me is the ability to watch my ego roar and not take it too seriously.  Sitting in meditation while watching thoughts go by again, and again, and again… seriously lends itself to understanding how wacky the mind can be.  However…last week, a book… Read more

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